Hey all. My SIL was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last year. She's actually got "Type 1.5", but it's been confirmed that it's an autoimmune condition. She went in for tests recently and it was found that her triglycerides were over 400 and her HDL in the 30s. Her LDLs were apparently unmeasurable because her tris were so high. She was on Metformin at first and eventually went on insulin and Glimiperide several months back, and has been controlling her blood sugar with those. She's also been on a dairy-free, VLC Paleo diet for nearly a year now, which has been extremely helpful in controlling her blood sugar--it's not like she's cheating ever, not even with so much as a piece of fruit.

So, does anyone know why her tris and her HDL are so out of whack? We googled around without much success, and most of the info out there is about Type 2 diabetes. Her doctor says there may also be some thyroid involvement happening, and they're doing further tests next week to explore that. But, for the meantime, she needs help with figuring out how to get her triglycerides and cholesterol under control.

Any ideas?