One of the few things I missed from the SAD was pizza. In my old life I would often walk to the pizza place on my lunch break and consume two huge slices, with the usual nausea and bloating afterword. I tried several primal pizza crust recipes involving cauliflower or egg based concoctions. They were either not crust like, or way too labor intensive. I finally hit on perfection.

The crust is comprised entirely of cheddar cheese. Mild cheddar makes a softer crust, while sharp cheddar makes a much crisper crust. Just cover the bottom of a paper plate with shredded cheese to a depth of 1/8-1/4 inch. Microwave for 3-4 minutes. It continues to cook in its own oil for about 30 seconds after the microwave stops. You should be able to put your fingernail under the edge and lift the crust off the plate. If the center sticks or sags nuke it for a little longer. Let it sit for a minute to firm up. That's it. Top as desired and finish in the toaster oven or broiler. It's important to cover with toppings all the way out to the edge to prevent burning under the broiler.

Paper plates work better than dinner plates. The porcelain gets hot and scorches the cheese. You can make this crust under the broiler instead of in the microwave, but it's harder to get it right. You can increase the cook time to make chips for nachos. Of all the great food I've discovered since going primal, this is one of my absolute favorites. Enjoy!