I have been primal for over a year and close to 100% most of the time.

I decided to have a couple of pieces of homemade gluten free pizza last night, only I think our house guest(who cooked) mixed them up when she pointed out which one was Gf.

I didn't suffer digestive problems today but my calves, shins and ankles have blown up immensely. I can poke a finger into my shin and a huge dent will appear and stay there due to the amount of fluid. It feels like plastercene and just uncomfortable!

I can only put it down to the gluten as nothing else I have done is different except for exercising hard two days ago.

Even when im 100 percent grain and gluten free I have swollen ankles, but its particularly bad tonight.

Does anyone else suffer from this? Ive tried herbal diuretics but they don't really do the job. Any suggestions? (Besides staying gluten free which I plan on doing)