Hey Primal People, I just got some results from my Resting Metabolic Rate test (indirect calorimetry), and it makes a bit of sense why I haven't been seeing results but raises a few questions. The results are as follows:


VO2 180 ml/min

VCO2 173 ml/min

RQ 0.961


FAT (%) 11%

Coefficient of Variation VO2 = 2.78% VCO2 = 5.20%

Now, according to this I am apparently in a State of Fat storage. I've been eating a Ketogenic diet for the past while, and yet have been well over what would be considered maintenance calories, but it makes sense why I haven't been losing any weight for the past while. I've been told that I need to increase my carbohydrate consumption... on the suggestion, it looked like 250g, which for Primal Purposes is nuts! Opinions would be nice, also perhaps some suggestions wouldn't go astray.

Details - Male, 76.6kg (168.8lbs), 162.5cm (5'4")

Weight training 3 times a week for ~ 1hr, plus 3 cardio sessions a week.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

~ Cricket