Hoping I can get some help here... I'm slightly confused re the whole primal fitness thing. Ok so a bit of background on me, I have been eating pale/primal for over 6 months now... not always 100% but most of the time. The eating part of things hasn't been an issue (for the most part) it's the fitness side of things that concerns me.

I have been following MDA on and off for a while now, I've recently finished reading The Primal Blueprint and am halfway through reading The Primal Connection. I've also downloaded the free fitness ebook.

My thoughts after reading the book and free fitness ebook where 'really that's all I have to do to get fit?' I mean this is what confuses me... Mark says 3-5 hours of low level aerobic activity/week... but to me that seems like nothing. I'm a walker, I walk every night with my husband for minimum 50 minutes each night, sometimes even longer. Am I over doing it? I go to the gym 2-3 times a week and ride the exercise bike for 40 minutes and have started doing sprints on the row machine (5mins).

In terms of weights... well I'm focusing on my body weight movements now. I used to lift weights, but now I feel like I need to get a handle on my body weights first before adding weights. I struggle with pushups and pullups especially so I'm thinking focusing on those without added weights is the way to go?

I'm just wondering am I going about this the right way? Also should I be walking more during the day? and if we're only told to do 3-5 hours/week of low level activity and a person does 3 hours in two days, what do they do the rest of the time? I feel like what I'm doing isn't even enough... I see people doing crossfit and their workouts seem so intense I don't know just need some guidance I guess!