Whad upp my primal compadres (or my wanna-be primal friends, if you're like me.)

Today marks my last day of eating nasty, gross processed food because I'm just plain tired of feeling yucky.

I have the two primal cookbooks. I have the primal website on the first page of my iPhone screen. I have a lot of ambition and just a little apprehension.. Because I always fail at these kinda things! Why? I love to bake. Choco sugary sweetness is the thorn in my flesh.

But I forsake these for a better lifestyle.
For MINIMIZING my obsession with my food and weight.
And for feeling great.

Soo who wants to start this adventure with me?
I'm 24, 5'5 female, 145 pounds.
I can run 10+ miles, do 15 push-ups, a few pull-ups, but I want this tire around my waist gone! And these flabby thighs to flab around no more!
Goal: 125 lbs.

So I'm going primal! Rawr.