This might be a strange problem, but I decided to start off with low-carb to kick start weightloss and hopefully improve my test results at my next doctors (I have PCOS and IR). I planned to slowly add in more fruits and root vegetables as I went on.

However, my appetite has decreased so much that I'm actually having trouble eating enough food.
For example, I cooked a big pot of spaghetti sauce on Sunday to eat on during the week. I ate it with spaghetti squash, and when that ran out I'd just put it over other veggies or eat it as a stew.
Well when I'd eat this exact same recipe with pasta, I'd have to stop myself from having seconds and sometimes to be able to have seconds but not binge on pasta, I'd just eat a cup of the sauce. No problem. However, last night after a bowl of the sauce and a salad, I didn't want anymore...but I was still hungry, my stomach was growling.

Here's what I've had today...
Breakfast: Bowl of chicken soup - no rice or noodles
Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwich from Subway (ate the meat and vegetables out of the sandwich, threw away the bread)
Dinner: 2 cups of broccoli with butter, 2oz roast pork

Looking back on that I'm realizing that dinner was the first full meal I've had all day. I wasn't hungry until right before dinner, but even then nothing really sounded appealing even as much stomach was telling me it was hungry.
This isn't something I want to 'just go with' either because I'm not feeling that great. I have that hazy, low-carb flu going on, so I feel crappy and grouchy.

After having binge eating problems when I was eating grains and sugar, this really sucks.
It's like my stomach and my brain refuse to ever be in agreement!