I have two camping trips coming up where I just don't know what I am going to take to eat. Any suggestions appreciated.

I am dairy and gluten intolerant.

The first trip of two weeks is my immediate concern. I will have a camping fridge, but not much space and need to be very careful with water usage in the desert. Some of the days at either end we will be able to buy steak and salad evening meals at pubs.

I can do eggs for breakfast, with or without bacon but am concerned about cleanliness. GF cereal is much less hassle as I can wipe the bowls out with paper towel and rinse in just a tiny drizzle of water as it is not greasy. The sugar spike of cereal worries me now I am less used to it.

For lunch I used to do gf sandwiches. I can have a chunk of left over steak, or pre-smoked chicken or ham. But without vegies I will tire of that pretty quickly. Very difficult to introduce fats for satiety. Any ideas?

For dinner I can cook up steaks easily enough, but what to have with it? DH is not paleo, and loves his potatoes. Doing other vegies is going to be a tricky process as I only have two burners. I used to like buckwheat pasta, with tomato sauce, but really want to avoid pasta - not to mention the waste of water associated with that or any form of boiled veg or rice.

Variations on stews sound like a good idea - except DH will starve and eat junk food rather than 'spew'. sigh.

I will be going through some small remote towns as part of the trip, and the stores they have tend to be unpredictable - except for packets of chips, peanuts, cola, and all the other stuff that makes me ill. You can sometimes get fresh veggies and meat, but the quality and choice is often very poor and you absolutely cannot rely on them having anything. I can carry cryovacced meat easily, but most veggies will only last till about halfway through the trip before they die.

I am concerned about not spiking my insulation too stupidly if I can avoid it, and eating enough safe food each day that I am not hungry. I am resigned to compromising my paleo preferences - I just don't see the trip as viable otherwise.

So what are people's favourite remote area camping ideas?