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Thread: Giving it another go...

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    Giving it another go...

    About two years ago, I happened across The Primal Blueprint and did a pretty good job of following these guidelines for about 5 months. I loved it then and love it now but The Eat More Fat mantra did not work well for me; my gallbladder balked and I was nauseated A LOT. I went too low on the carbs (I think) which stressed out my adrenal glands causing debilitating orthostatic hypotension; actually I think I had underlying adrenal exhaustion that I had been masking with excessive carbs and caffeine. Then I had a surprise pregnancy (probably wouldn't have even gotten pregnant if not for the great eating habits--thought I was infertile) that ended in miscarriage. The miscarriage was what finally derailed me; I was sad, felt really sick to my stomach and repulsed by vegetables and gave up. Nonetheless, I still believed it to be a great program if I could get it to work for me. I have meandered my way back and am trying to moderate my fats and also eat a little more carbs. So far, the carb flu has been almost non-existent and I've almost undone the damage of Christmas season in less than two weeks, so yea!

    I'm 47, recently took up kayaking, and really excited to be back. I hope to turn 50 in the best shape of my life; having the fitness and energy to live life to the fullest. I don't weigh myself but am "hoarding energy", about 20 or 30 extra lbs worth and would like to see that go.

    Anyway, if you've made it this far, thanks for reading!
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