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Thread: Comfortable in My Own Skin

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    Talking Comfortable in My Own Skin

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    Hey everybody!

    My name is Trevor and I am a student in a small town in Nebraska, and the Primal lifestyle has changed my life. I was a skinny child for the first few years of my life, but in the first grade I began to add weight. This addition didn't stop until I was a junior in high school (now senior) and I had reached 231 pounds and 32% bodyfat. My parents finally convinced me to consider working out, and they set up an appointment with a personal trainer. He was a great motivation for me, and I still work with him to this day, but I realized that I needed to also change my nutrition to see a full transformation. A family friend, who is also a licensed chiropractor, talked to me about the Primal lifestyle and convinced me to read the Primal Blueprint. I finished the book in about four hours, and I immediately knew what I needed to do. I changed my eating habits and I began to see the results. After staying 88% Primal since that realization (I am a high schooler who likes taco runs), I have dropped my body fat to 14% and I feel better than I ever have! I am no longer out of breath walking up the stairs, and I no longer was jittery.

    My goals when I first started were typical of a teen male: get a prom date and have a six pack by graduation the next year. Although the confidence I have gained makes me not worry as much about either, the first one is already achieved, and the second is close. I realize these "pointless" goals have convinced me to work harder than I was willing to before. I am happy to be in my own skin, and I hope others have the same experience I have.

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    Thank you for sharing. I love reading success stories as I am just starting out and it motivates me to stay the course. Congratulations!

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    Awesome! I wish I'd found this way of eating 10 years ago when I was in high school so I could have been fitter throughout college! You're doing great. Keep it up!
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