Hey guys! I've got an issue that, while not very unique, isn't really addressed in the paleo literature. I'm a college student and I've been paleo for about a year, so I am very familiar with all things paleo and have a solid group of good paleo recipies.

So here's my issue. Bear with me, it's a bit complicated. I am a student and I also work part time. I work for a business that is only open from 8-5 so I have to work within those hours. My typical day is working 8 to 10:30, driving 30 minutes back to my school, going to class from 11 to 2, driving 30 minutes back to work and working from 2 to 5. I am having a really really hard time with when and what to eat for lunch during this time. I also don't have a whole lot of time to cook, since I do homework practically non-stop during the evenings and the weekends.

So I'm hoping you guys could give me some tips. Here's the facts. I do have a refrigerator at work that I can put food in, and a microwave to heat something up. I do need to eat while driving however, so fingerfood type stuff is best. I'm just having a hard time coming up with a plan and meals that are not terribly expensive, don't require long hours cooking, would be easy to eat in the car, and ideally do not need to be heated up.