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Thread: Mel Goes Primal

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    Smile Mel Goes Primal

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to say hello to the community! Thanks for having me! I am looking forward to jumping into a primal lifestyle & I absolutely cannot wait to see what it does for my overall wellbeing. I am a bit nervous as I am a bank teller (boo) and well, as you know, the job is ridiculously sedentary. Not only do I struggle with sitting in front of a computer 7+ hours a day, but the other employees as well as our customers love to bring us chocolate and other sweets. I have to admit... I love chocolate. Getting over the sugar cravings & binges is going to be perhaps my greatest challenge! But from what I have learned, primal is so yummy.

    Perhaps it is because I sit at a computer all day, but I have absolutely no energy when I get home. Daily chores (washing dishes, doing laundry, making dinner) have become the most exhausting tasks. I simply want to sit on the couch (yes, sit some more) and watch TV and eat those foods that are already prepared for me... it's awful.

    (If I am honest, I tried primal for about one week a few weeks ago. And I felt better than ever. But then I had a bad weekend... and got off track.)

    Breaking the habit is going to be difficult.

    I look forward to learning what an average week of meals looks like as well as daily exercise. Currently, I have a gym membership that I hardly use. I would love to do most of my exercise around our home - biking, walking, planting flowers, but I am not opposed to going to the gym once in a while. I just need a plan... what does daily exercise (esp. at the gym) look like?

    My mama has been primal for about 4 months now, and I have seen the amazing things that a primal lifestyle can do for a person. Last night I started to read The Primal Blueprint, and I know this is the lifestyle for me.

    So here is where my story begins.
    I hope that I have some really great news to share as the days go on!

    Thank you all for listening!


    Goals for the next few days: Take starting measurements, plan one week of meals, stop eating chocolate, move around when I come home from work. (ideas + encouragement much appreciated)
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