Last test was almost 2 years ago. Diet consisted of fast food almost exclusively. (We're talking curly fries and deep fried tacos on a regular basis. Lots of refined sugar.) TOTALLY sedentary.

Lately, I've been eating 90% primal blueprint. Lots of healthy fats. Went from 280-230 in a year. Last year, i went from 230 to 260, and im back down to 245 now. (first year i ate poorly, just less. Second year I ate mostly healthy, last 8 months or so have been primal, or 90% primal I should say.)

I now walk at least 15 miles per week. Lift 3-4 times per week.

Results of test... Much worse across the board. Good cholesterol went from 29 to 30 though.
Total cholesterol went from 189 (high but ok) to 215 (bad!)

I'm a bit confused here.