I don't know why, but I have been getting a lot of migraines lately. I haven't been perfectly following PB, but I haven't been horrible, either. I have had 3 of them in the past 7 days. I get ocular migraines; lots of flashy zig-zag things in my vision for about half an hour, then a bad headache and nausea (sometimes vomiting). These things are awful. I thought that maybe gluten was a migraine trigger, but I don't know. I had 2 cake balls (about 1 inch in diameter) last week. I've also eaten in restaurants; I have had foods that shouldn't contain any gluten (things like salad, sushi) but not foods that are certified to be gluten free, I guess.

I just don't know what could be causing all of these headaches. I started taking the Damage Control vitamins about 5 days ago, but my first really bad migraine was 7 days ago. After that first one I've made an effort not to drink beer and to try and get my eating back on track. I don't know if there is just a long lag time between my bad eating and these headaches or if it is something else entirely.

I have been under a lot of stress. My husband and I sold our house on Feb. 1 and we moved in with my parents while we're waiting for our next house to close. I also interviewed for a job I really want over a month ago and they still haven't made a hiring decision (they've told me that I'm their top choice). I don't know what is taking this company so long to make a decision, but I am anxious about that, of course. I've been applying for other jobs, also. I'm also involved in 4 real estate transactions, which is a TON for me (I typically do about 4 in an entire year, not all in 1 month). I don't know if all the stress is causing these headaches or what.

I have been good about exercising, at least 30 minutes a day plus walking. I've been doing sprints and lifting weights. I've been exercising as much for stress relief as for anything else lately.

Does anyone have ideas for me? I cannot have this many headaches all the time; I'm missing too much work and feeling crappy way too much. Sadly, I thought I felt really good earlier today, too.