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Thread: Primal Journal -Skin problems

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    Primal Journal -Skin problems

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    I'm currently on day 3 of primal eating. I have done variations of primal, paleo, and wheat belly all with minimal success. The success was only minimal because I did not give it 100%. Often times I would restrict myself and end up falling off the wagon HARD, as in falling face first into a box of chocolate cupcakes with frosting.

    This time after doing the hardest thing of all, quitting smoking, I am convinced I can beat the sugar and carb cravings. If I made it through nicotinne withdrawls then this should be a piece of cake I have been nicottine free for over a month now!

    My main motivation for this is to clear up my acne. I have been battling with cystic acne since my teens. I am 28 now and its still going strong. As you can see in the pictures its not pretty

    I would also like to develop some muscle and definition as I never went over 110lbs, except during pregnancy. The 100lbs I am currently at is an unhealthy 100 as I have a belly (bloat?) and love handles. I am curious to see if primal + excercise can get my tummy to look better since after pregnancy it lost its shape completely. We will see.

    Currenty at day 3 I am eating 100% primal and I feel foggy , tired and a bit anxious but I remember this from the other times I was beginning and I know it will pass at the end of week one.
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    I understand your motivation as I have battled skin problems most of my life. I urge you to cut all grains and sugar from your diet. Later on you may be able to add in small amounts of honey or maple syrup, but refined sugar is to be avoided at all costs. Stevia should not cause any problems, but you will need to experiment with it yourself.
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