Hi everyone, I'm 22 and currently 14.9 stone and about 5 foot 7 inches
I've been primal for about a year now and have found it brilliant. When I started with the PB I was 16.8 stone, I lost weight by following the diet and walking to work about 3 out of 5 days which is about a 30 minute walk.
The reason im going to start a journal is because for the last couple of months I have been slacking. I havent put on much weight maybe a pound but of course weight loss has stalled. I now plan to get in the gym and really crack down to get back on track with the diet. So here's my current stats:

Weight= 14 stone 9 pounds
Chest= 40 inches
Naval= 41 inches
Upper leg= 26 inches

Next weigh in- 06/03/13

My plan is to update these stats every 2 weeks and keep a daily account of what ive eaten and what exercise ive done.