Hello everyone,
Have any of you left P90x regimens for the Primal Fitness Blueprint? I have completed about 4 cycles of P90x through last summer. I deviated away from it last summer on, beginning due to lots of travel, lots of stress and sleeplessness (my spouse was in Afghanistan). The timing for a break was not bad, as he was suggesting I should back off as my arms were getting a little manly, although a break would have ended long ago.
Excuses aside, I keep trying to pick it back up and since it has been packed away so long, I am just not getting into the groove and regularity like I should. I have about 5 more pounds on my frame, surely a net gain between muscle lost and body fat % elevated.
Cutting to the chase, I am wondering if any of you out there have left such a rigid program along with CW (I used to eat clean, including grains) and found equal or better return to body composition you have had. I know I have read plenty here (Mark's story included). I just need that reassurance that I WILL BE OK if I don't jump into another P90x cycle, but take on the primal fitness instead. Any input on how you have transitioned would be greatly appreciated.