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Thread: P90x Freak to Primal?

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    Cool P90x Freak to Primal?

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    Hello everyone,
    Have any of you left P90x regimens for the Primal Fitness Blueprint? I have completed about 4 cycles of P90x through last summer. I deviated away from it last summer on, beginning due to lots of travel, lots of stress and sleeplessness (my spouse was in Afghanistan). The timing for a break was not bad, as he was suggesting I should back off as my arms were getting a little manly, although a break would have ended long ago.
    Excuses aside, I keep trying to pick it back up and since it has been packed away so long, I am just not getting into the groove and regularity like I should. I have about 5 more pounds on my frame, surely a net gain between muscle lost and body fat % elevated.
    Cutting to the chase, I am wondering if any of you out there have left such a rigid program along with CW (I used to eat clean, including grains) and found equal or better return to body composition you have had. I know I have read plenty here (Mark's story included). I just need that reassurance that I WILL BE OK if I don't jump into another P90x cycle, but take on the primal fitness instead. Any input on how you have transitioned would be greatly appreciated.

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    Fitness programs will vary for everyone. I did one rotation of P90X, I liked it ok but I'm in no hurry to do it again. I like changing things up. I personally don't think there is any ONE prgram superior to any other. I think you should do what you enjoy. I started wt training in my early 20's (I'm 52) doing what many would call "old school" wt training. I love wt training, and I enjoy different styles. Right now I'm enjoying some workouts written by Nia Shanks
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    I quit going to the gym yrs ago (can't stand the gym scene personally) but with hubbys help I have my own gym, he can build anything! I did home workout DVDs for yrs, got burnt out on those, so I visit bodybuilding web sites and create my own routines sometimes.

    If you like P90X, you may like Cathe Friedrich, she has a large variety

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    No reason to leave it if you like it. Sometimes I think that people use Primal to get rid of good habits that they just don't like. Exercise isn't all that fun and I think some use "chronic cardio" as an excuse to not exercise. I have P90x, P90x+, and P90x2. I hate them, and that's why I love them. You can pry them from my cold, dead, hands. I also eat under 50g of carbs a day. It's doable and sustainable.

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    The PB is not a recipe for body composition. That being said if you implement PB eating along with intermittant fasting and are committed to crossfit, leangains or some other effective method you can get cut/slim/jacked/hot. If you enjoy PX90 - continue doing it; you won't hurt yourself. If you want to primalize it - do a session in the morning in a fasted state before eating.

    oh - btw I would recommend that you start lifting heavy weight in addition to your metabolic conditioning. As would Mr. Sisson.
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