This is probably a repeat, but I don't recall seeing it here.

I employed a 1:1 ratio of banana to egg for these. Depending on your appetite, one banana and one egg would be sufficient for one person.

Grab bananas, mash in a bowl. I didn't care to mash them too fine, bananas are soft enough so the pancake doesn't feel at all clumpy.
Whisk eggs in separate bowl, no need to get too crazy with this, just make it uniform.
Throw some vanilla extract on that shit, maybe some cinnamon too, don't let the "two ingredient" name limit your creativity.
add some fruits if you want, don't be scared. Chocolate chips if you're silly enough to consider that "cheating."

Cook in some coconut oil or butter - about a minute on each side, medium heat - play with it.

Eat up! I made some "plain" just banana/egg and they are INSANELY DELICIOUS. I'll say it outright, I don't give a hoot about bananas, but I'll be eating them like this a lot more now. I found that they didn't do anything weird to my stomach (bananas alone tend to make me go to the bathroom). I also made some with blueberries in the "batter" and those were insane as well.

For the LOW FAT HIGH CARB POST WORKOUT bros, maybe doing these without yolks would be a good thing to try. I'm def not going to bother, yolks are awesome. Report back if you do.

Up next, plantain and egg pancakes. FUCK.