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Thread: "two ingredient" banana and egg pancakes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fkjr2 View Post
    has anyone tried to bake this recipe as a bread in the oven?

    Was thinking to add some egg whites and baking powder and bake as a loaf

    I've baked plantain pancakes in the oven when I'm too lazy to make individual pancakes, I'm sure it would work the same for banana pancakes. I just make the batter (plantains and eggs) and pour into a skillet, bake until firm and cooked.

    I've also made a loaf like this, but it was just plantain and eggs, I didn't add anything else. Works nicely.

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    "two ingredient" banana and egg pancakes.

    Found myself craving porridge so I used this template for oatless oatmeal. Mixed a mashed banana with one egg and a few egg whites, added a tablespoon of flax(or LSA or chia seeds I guess), little bit of almond (or coconut) milk, some vanilla extract, plenty of cinnamon and then berries on top.

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    2 eggs
    1 mostly green FROZEN banana from freezer smoothie supply
    1/8 tsp bk
    Cinnamon sprinkle before flipping

    Whipped it up in our Vitamix...then cooked in bacon greased pan, added very thin slices of strawberry before flipping. Flipped with ease. Easily five regular size pancakes...we drizzled a total of 1tsp. Raw honey across all.

    Is this a fluffy, just like regular buttermilk pancakes? No--is this an extremely yummy way to eat some eggs bananas and strawberry that is close to a pancake? Hell yah!

    Kid Factor: B+ My tween who is very athletic and hates eggs really likes these and my 4 yr old, who is basically a fruitarian, ate them too. If you do the math, I had all of two big bites of one pancake!

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    Wow, I was completely unprepared for these to actually taste like pancakes. I put in a little vanilla and cinnamon and they're excellent. Next time I'm going to try mixing in some sliced strawberries.

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