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    Thanks I might try that, mine (4 bananas, 3 large eggs, raisins, cinnamon) were breaking up too whatever I tried! (Butter, non stick frying pan etc), boyfriend laughed at them A LOT (but still ate them as they do taste good!). We renamed BOMLETTES as they did look more like banana omelettes in the end!

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    I use 1 banana and 2 eggs. The eggs will hold them together. You can also add a tbs of tapioca flour if you still have trouble keeping them whole.

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    Blender FTW.

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    When I first tried to make these, I couldn't get them to flip properly because I'm too lazy to mash the bananas properly. I just gave up on pancakes, and now, I usually do 3 eggs to 1 banana, cook them, add in some full-fat yogurt and maybe some cinnamon, and then mix it all together. It's more of a "mush" than a pancake, but it tastes pretty good.
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    I never solved the lack of pancake shape, but what I found worked was cooking them in a muffin tray.
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    1 banana 2 eggs, or 2 banana 3 eggs has worked well for me
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    Just tried these for breakfast - very good! I made them 1:1, but might try a two bananas to three eggs ratio next time as my youngest child doesn't like bananas. Although, she ate most of what was on her plate! I'm so impressed. The diet was meant for me, but already my 'carnivorous' children (15 and 7) are starting to give the veggies and fruit a try.

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    I actually mash my banana a little less now, and the pancakes seem a bit fluffier than usual. I use 2 eggs, and big banana, and 1/8 tsp of baking powder. Makes 4 good pancakes, 2 each for the kids in the morning. I've made them so often that they turn out great every time, and the kids love 'em.

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    I made this batter this morning using 1 egg and 1 banana, mixed it in my magimix blender and fried it in coconut oil in one thick pancake, used a plate to turn it and it stayed in one piece. Delish. I imagine some cinnamon would really set it off nicely. Thanks to OP

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    Bump! It's a meal which is primal-friendly, nutrient dense, simple, and sweet. I usually use a small blender with a 2:1 ratio, sometimes adding protein powder to alter definition. If I were in need to add more into them, I simply add some cinnamon.

    They seem to work scrambled/mixed as well, still retaining the same naturally sweet flavors.
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    I ruined one of these this morning, and it was still great!

    I used one medium banana and one extra large egg. I forgot to butter the pan. So, it wanted to stick, and burned slightly. It didn't hold together and basically ended up being scrambled banana-egg, with little burnt bits.

    It still tasted great!

    Next time, I will probably use two eggs and one banana, and butter the pan. If I have coconut oil, I may use that instead.


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