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    Because my banana supply is frozen (we always end up with too many), I used the blender to make the batter. FAIL!! Way to watery and frothy, couldn't be flipped. But the taste is amazing!

    I'm going to keep tweeking the recipe and method till I get it right. I want these to work!

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    I use a potato masher on the banana (1) and then a fork to mix in eggs (2). Never had a problem flipping them. Cast iron pan with some bacon fat. Med-low heat.

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    I dont know if it makes a difference but I dont use over ripe bananas. maybe thats why mine work in the blender? overripe are softer so might make a thinner batter.
    I also make my pancakes small.. maybe 4" across? bigger might get messy to flip.
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    I've noticed that if you let the batter stand for a little bit before you start using it, (like 5-10 minutes maybe?) it is easier to work with. Also, I think a hotter pan helps. I made a pretty big batch, 6 eggs and 3 large bananas, and the first couple pancakes were thinner and harder to work with than the later ones.
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    I've used my scale to make this and have come to this ratio for egg to naner:

    56g egg
    70g-90g (2.5-3.2 oz) banana

    and I usually just throw banana into my magic bullet container throw in the egg and blend. i have not had trouble with it being too watery or not being able to flip, even when i've used frozen banana.

    for just egg whites i've found that 2 egg whites( about 60g) needs 114g(4 oz) of egg to work.


    hoped ive helped anyone who needs it.

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    i have made this twice. the first time i found them difficult to flip but overall failry tasty. the second time instead of making pancakes i blended a little dark chocolate and cooked in the frying pan more like an omelette. it worked better that way
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    I'm brand new to primal eating and this sounds like an easy enough recipe to try-going to make them tomorrow for breakfast

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    As I venture deeper and deeper into the primal community and lifestyle, it can be difficult to part ways with foods you have an emotional attachment to. Pancakes are a huge one for me. I have been doing well on primal, but I still feel a dissonance when I say I cant have "pancakes" to the average person. I would think about IHOP, or various gluten free varieties, but it would mean I would have to compromise with gluten (not fun), or find some weird premade mix, or various GF recipes that have far too many nuts or carbs. This recipe has single handedly resolved that dissonance into a beautiful harmonious orgy in my mouth.

    I thank you from the deepest regions of my stomach, this is absolutely wonderful!

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    I just started making this into muffins. I loved banana-nut muffins as a kid, and this is perfect. We put in a few chopped walnuts (you don't need many) and we also add some pie spice which is great!

    I think if i added avocado-chocolate icing (which also has vanilla extract, honey, a bit of salt and cinnamon) -- you'd have some killer cup cakes.

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    I use almond meal along with banana and eggs, but I'm thinking about switching up the proportions a bit. Right now it's about 1 large egg per 1/3 cup meal and 1/3 banana. I normally double make 2x this amount. It's delicious, just a tiny bit dry, so I may cut the amount of meal down to 1/4 cup per serving.

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