Hey all,

So I'm doing a Tough Mudder in 8 weeks and am starting to train in earnest. At a TM in September my sneakers were so waterlogged and clumsy by mile 10 it was actually dangerous (the last 2 miles I felt a constant threat of losing my balance in the mud and turning an ankle). So, my goal for this Mudder is to run in Vibrams. I've walked/hiked long distances in them, but am new to running.

Anyone have any tips on how to work my way into running 10+ miles in the vibrams by April? Yesterday, I walked .8 miles to the gym (and .8 back) and ran a mile on the treadmill in them. I feel fine. How quickly can I go up each week (.5 miles for the next few, then 1 mile)? Is there a certain point (say, 5 miles) where the gradual approach no longer has a benefit? Also, is it safe to do HITT in vibrams - I alternate 90s at a 6.0 jog, 60s at a 9.5-10.0 sprint.

Any input appreciated!