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    Oh that's reminded me of 'sprout casserole' which isn't a caserole, and dosn't always contain sprouts (this is what happens when a 4 year old names a dish) It's sauted greens (sprouts work well, as do nettles, spinach, kale, wild garlic etc etc and broccoli adds a certain something too) and onions, mushrooms if you like, with chopped up bacon and (cook this before the greens ) then stir in some soft cheese and grated stong chedda to make a cheese sauce (add cream if you want t make it super rich) a quick easy once pan meal and very very NOM.
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    Yes I have a young son who I am constantly trying to figure out what he wants due to him making up his own names for meals. You 'sprout casserole' sound really yummy.

    Now time to make bacon and eggs for breakfast. MMMMMMM Bacon.
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    Cut raw bacon into bits, saute it until half done, then add onions and garlic, chopped. Cover until soft. Mix with broccoli or any other cooked green vegetable.

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    Try bacon wrapped around solid chunks of Roquefort cheese, and serve it together with bulletproof coffee that have some added Bacardy! A very primal plate...

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