Hi all,

I just started reading the PB last night (and only found the forum a couple of days ago), but thought I'd introduce myself and declare my intentions.

I'm a 37 year old father of two (a 3 year old and an 8 months old - both girls), and I've struggled with my weight on-and-off my whole life. At school I was the fat kid, and at several times have had some degree of success in losing weight and getting healthy. Typically I lose a lots of weight (dozens of pounds) and then slowly, insidiously, put it back on. A familiar story to lots of people here I guess?

My greatest success was about eight years ago when I followed the Atkins plan for a while. I bought into the low-carb lifestyle wholesale, and my energy went through the roof. I was never hungry, didn't feel restricted, and spent hours at the gym every week. I can honestly say that I was the best that I've ever been - mind, body and soul

It was during this time that I met the lady who I later married, and unfortunately for my health that's where things started to go wrong. It was easy for me to follow a low-carb lifestyle when I only had myself to consider, and I could engineer social situations around my requirements, but the contentment and social change that our new relationship brought caused havoc with my routines. I also transitioned from being self-employed, which allowed me freedom to go to the gym when I liked, to being employed full-time in an office (at a desk). Eventually I stopped going to the gym altogether, and the carbs crept back into my diet.

Over the past seven years I've tried to stop/reverse the gradual weight gain, but I've found myself with more responsibilities and less free time to look after myself. Although I now get as much as seven hours in bed each night the quality of sleep I get is poor - not only are we constantly awoken by our youngest daughter, but I suspect that I now suffer from early stage Obstructive Sleep Apnea caused by excessive neck fat.

I first read about the Primal/Paleo thing a couple of years ago on the blog of Tim Ferriss, and although it intrigued me I decided it was "something to look at later". Well, now it *is* "later". I write this I don't know my actual weight, but I *do* know I probably have 90lbs to lose before I'm where I was eight years ago. I'm currently the fattest (and oldest!) I've ever been, I'm heinously unfit and suffer from knee pain. I'm conscious that I need to act *now* to reverse the damage I've caused myself and regain control of my body.

My hope for the PB is that it's something that I can more easily integrate into my current (dysfunctional) lifestyle, and that will be sustainable in the longterm. I'm sure that once I'm making progress I'll be able to address other aspects of life and free up more time - it cyclical after all, isn't it? I know there's going to be plenty of challenges ahead, but I'm not scared of a challenge.

Finally, if you've read this far, thanks for sticking with me. I knew this would be a long introductory post, but hopefully it marks the start of a better life for me and my family