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Thread: shirts that actually fit

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    shirts that actually fit

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    OMG I am sooo happy. I have a large chest 34DDD and a small waist. Finding shirts that fit properly has been impossible. After searching online I took a gamble and ordered from urkye. They are a small business in poland focused on making clothing for the curvy (fit) woman. I connot recomend more highly I have never had shirts tat fit so well.

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    I don't think anyone on here will believe you if you don't put up pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
    I don't think anyone on here will believe you if you don't put up pictures.

    I understand what you mean, Foodie. I don't have the problem in the bust area but I have a very long torso for a woman and have trouble finding shirts long enough to keep my belly covered when I reach upward. My torso is 21", the average woman is 15-17". Most shirts are just too short. I've taken to buying tunic length shirts, mostly from Lands End, for that reason.
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    I have always found it so frustrating that there are so many clothing store/style options but they are all cut basically the same way.

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