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Thread: Who's given up dairy?

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    Who's given up dairy?

    I'm going to give it up for a month and I'm wondering - if you gave up dairy:

    - What was the reason?
    - What were the benefits (if any)?
    - Did you go through any withdrawal / detox symptoms?

    When I gave it up as a vegan I simultaneously gave up wheat and sugar so it's hard to know how it effected me.

    But the last few months my dairy consumption has been pretty excessive... its the bulk of my calories, and sometimes I'll eat it three times a day.! I feel great and have loads of energy, but lately I've noticed a few (not positive) physical changes - dark circles and more wrinkles under my eyes, more bloating than usual etc.

    I've read the bad press (used to be vegan... the irony) - particularly about it clogging the lymphatic system, but I was really craving it, so I figured my body must need it. Then I read that casein has an opiate effect... sigh.

    Muchos gracias.
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    "I think the basic anti-aging diet is also the best diet for prevention and treatment of diabetes, scleroderma, and the various "connective tissue diseases." This would emphasize high protein, low unsaturated fats, low iron, and high antioxidant consumption, with a moderate or low starch consumption.

    In practice, this means that a major part of the diet should be milk, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fruits and coconut oil, with vitamin E and salt as the safest supplements."

    - Ray Peat

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