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Thread: Who's given up dairy?

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    I started and stopped dairy numerous times, with absolutely zero not the tiniest differences whatsoever. That's said, my dairy is basically greek yogurt and quark, very rarely a bit of hard cheese or brie. I started whey again a week or so ago after like a year hiatus.... no change in weight, nasal drip or anything. Maybe a bit of boat from whey, but since it comes with 50% OFF FROZEN UNWASHED cranberries, could be crans.
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    I gave up milk 20+ years ago; was dairy product free off and on throughout the 2000s. It's a strange food, sure. Use less of it and look for low fat hormone free products. I've read the added vitamins in milk have something to do with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meloroaster View Post
    try coconut milk! or whip up coconut oil (my fav). it's soooo good and cuts the bitterness really well. i don't bother with cream anymore!
    Meh. I've tried it with coconut milk, and it's good. Just not as good as cream T_T

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    I've been pretty much dairy free since I had to give it up while breastfeeding my first baby. My seasonal allergies went away AND my acne completely disappeared. I can eat some hard cheeses in moderation, but anything beyond that makes me break out again. I think it's worth an experiment. You never know how your body might react to certain foods.

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    Dairy causes me nothing but joy.
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    all dairy save butter, and we're thinking of transitioning to clarified just to remove more lactose and go strait for the fat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
    all dairy save butter, and we're thinking of transitioning to clarified just to remove more lactose and go strait for the fat.
    Same here. I love butter more than I think is natural for a human to love a food, but ghee is just as good and less likely to cause problems. Milk and cheese have given me trouble (to put it politely) since I was little, but I always powered through because I loved it (nachos with queso blanco? So worth 3 days of punishment) but then I got to a point where it just didn't seem worth it anymore. Now the only time I have dairy other than butter is, if I get coffee at a cafe and it's bitter, I'll add a splash of heavy cream. It gives me a bit of the rumblies, but it's better than having wasted 3 bucks on coffee that tastes like burned peanuts.

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    Personally I am fine with ghee and grass fed butter. I will ocassionally have some raw cheese with a salad. But overall my dairy consumption is pretty low. I never drink milk but if I have some heavy cream with a coffee I start to build up a little mucous. When I started doing this diet over 5 years ago I quit dairy completely for the first year and it felt amazing. I slowly tinkered around with it and had mixed results. Overall for me, I need to use dairy sparingly with good grass fed/raw sources or I start to run into trouble.
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    I love dairy but had to give it up.

    It reacts with me pretty badly. It flares up my ashtma, gives me a tight chest and a tickly throat.

    Been dairy free for about 3 months now and its no real problem.

    i sometimes have a few hard cheeses on my meatza like parmesan and also buffalo mozarella doesn't seem to react as badly.
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    I don't usually eat dairy, I recently started eating yogurt after years of no dairy (not a conscious choice, it's just not what I reach for) and have had no problems. No weight gain, no poor health, my digestive health is actually better.
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