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    The stuffy nose and swollen nasal passages I blamed on dust, pollen and pet hair disappeared after I gave up dairy. My skin was not as oily either and the acne I kept getting stopped. The only thing I missed was how quick and easy cottage cheese and hard cheese was to grab as a snack.

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    I gave up dairy nearly 6 years ago....and once before that when I sad breast feeding my first babe! Definite improvement in my sinuses for sure! I also hd really bad pimples/skin issues and don't anymore... I was like you and would eat it every meal, but wasn't truly primal or anything, and would snack on it. Hubby was always concerned by my dairy and especially cheese intake!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sakura_girl View Post
    I like the cream to cut some of the bitterness of coffee, but oh well.
    try coconut milk! or whip up coconut oil (my fav). it's soooo good and cuts the bitterness really well. i don't bother with cream anymore!

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    I have just given it up, again! Due to another flare up of candida.

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    I've not used a lot of dairy & what I do use is is grass-fed raw (butter, heavy cream, yogurt, a bit of cheese). I did drop dairy completely while doing a Whole30, but honestly didn't see any benefit to me.

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    I've never liked milk, so didn't drink much dairy. I have always loved heavy cream in my coffee and to cook with so still have that, but not a lot. I also eat a little kerrygold or raw milk cheddar but in pretty small quantities. Lots of dairy always made me nauseous so I'm happy with just cream. I thought I'd be using a ton of butter to cook with but prefer coconut oil and homemade tallow - only have butter for the kids. Cheese never stopped weight loss though, that is totally the fault of my love for red wine.

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    I have a "problem" with certain types of dairy. I buy my daughter string cheese for her lunches (preferably organic, but I can't always get it) sometimes and it's like crack to me. Unfortunately, I get stuffy, gassy, and just don't need those calories, so I have to resist. To be honest, I probably shouldn't buy it for her either.

    I don't seem to have as many problems with lower lactose/casein dairy products (butter, heavy cream, hard cheeses) and surprisingly despite my lactose intolerance, I can have moderate amounts (i.e. an iced latte's worth) of whole, non-homogenized milk from A2 beta casein cows. (Guernsey, Brown Swiss, and Jersey to a degree) We used to live near a dairy with brown swiss cows and their milk gave me no problems at all so they must have been mostly A2. The non-homogenized Jersey milk here is okay, but I do still have mild problems if I over-indulge.

    I really need to just keep our dairy purchases to the good stuff, and stop cheating with conventional stuff because of availability/price. If I can't get to the city to buy the good stuff, I just won't buy it. Wish me luck.

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    Don't go cold turkey, often withdrawals are as bad for you as the effect, isn't that a bit like binge/purge behaviour.
    Better to enact a staged withdrawal, pull back on the milk, then cream, then cheese, then yoghurt, then butter, you may not need to go all the way and maybe keeping the last three in reduced quantity may be what's best for your body and mind.
    If you can ensure any remaining consumption is the A2 variant, even better.

    I just do a bit of yoghurt occassionally, sometimes in a binge.

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    I was adding cheese and heavy cream to almost everything, and eating greek yogurt daily. I cut dairy for 30 days on Whole30. I didn't notice much difference, but felt I didn't have as much energy during workout, since I also cut the whey protein. It didn't take long at all before I didn't even miss it. My problem was that I replaced the yogurt with too many nuts.
    I actually got so used to it and I thought I wouldn't add it back, however, I forgot to order without cheese at a restaurant. As soon as a finished I felt I had a huge wad of something sitting in my stomach. Kinda had the same feeling tonight after adding cream cheese to dinner.
    The best thing I got out of it, since I don't seem to have much of a reaction, was the realization that I can be satisfied without it.
    I have significantly cut back, and use mostly coconut milk, a little heavy cream, and greek yogurt. I probably have no more than 1oz of cheese per week, if that, and it's not because I'm trying to limit it, but because I no longer have the strong feeling that I really want it.

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    I go through phases where I eat cheese and yogurt and then where I don't and I don't notice much difference. Except maybe if I eat a large portion of yogurt I have stinky farts.
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