Started PB Jan. 6th. Lost 7lbs right off the bat. Now onto week 6 and I haven't lost any weight for 3 weeks.

I own a preschool and am a mom so I'm busy but do not exercise.
40 yr old. Female. 5'4 151# goal weight 130#

I eat 1500 cal
110 fat
100 pro
50 carb

Daily menu looks like this (although I do mix it up a bit)

7AM: 8oz coffee with 2T heavy whipping cream

1:00: 6oz grilled steak
1/2 avocado
2hard boiled eggs
Cutie orange

3:00 8oz coffee with 2T heavy whipping cream

6:00 5oz turkey breast
1c green beans with butter
Smoothy: 3T almond butter, 1/4c coconut milk, 2t cocoa powder, water

Why am I not loosing weight??? What am I doing wrong???