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Thread: Am I doing something wrong!!! Not loosing weight :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandra in BC View Post
    Are you losing inches?

    Give it time. PB isn't a diet.

    It will happen when you least expect it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omni View Post

    It will happen when you least expect it.
    I'm really trusting this as I am new to primal eating. I took off the six I gained over the holidays/new desk job pounds. I'm happy about that. After 45 years of dieting, I am hoping that Primal will give me a good balance along with my daily 5k+ walking/hiking. Now I need to start lifting heavy things. I love Primal eating and hope to really have the no grains become imbedded into my lifestyle.

    Here's to trusting the healing process!

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    Looks to me like too much protein, too many carbs, especially if you are "carb sensitive". I lose quicker when I am eating 70% fat/20% protein/10% carbs. You might be seeing some gluconeogenesis with the high protein. See the other thread on High fat.
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    I noticed you don't have anything to eat until 1 PM? Definitely throw in a breakfast of some sort! And I'd have to agree with the nut butters, they're delicious but you have to be really careful with how much you eat them especially if your goal is weight loss. Eat more veggies and ditch the smoothie too. Lastly, ditch the scale! It's not the greatest tool for fat loss. I've recently seen a plateau in my weight but my clothes are fitting looser. Hope that helps!

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