Hey everyone! I'm new to this and glad to be here. I've been eating Paleo for the last month after years of eating.......well, everything. My savior in all of this has been cocnut milk. I don't do dairy right now and this has given me that creaminess in things I've been missing. I have searched all the stores in my area nad can't find Organic, BPA free, Guar gum free, milk anywhere. I looked online and saw Natural Value milk and went ahead and ordered 12 cans. I have been trying to read as much as possible about them, especially on here, so that I don't repeat what has already been discussed, so I apologize if this is issue has been beat to death. I did read an old post on here about them when they did have BPA, and from their website it looks as though they have switched back to the no-gum and no-BPA. My question is, has anyone had experience with this brand??!! There are some reviews on Amazon, which who knows if you can trust, but not anywhere on here. Anyone had this??