After reading Mark’s newest book, The Primal Connection, I wanted to learn more about the timeline of human evolution and came across Brian Fagan’s book, Cro-Magnon. As I understand it, “humans” as a genus evolved over 2.5 million years ago with our current anatomy arriving around 200,000 years ago. But it was not until sometime shortly after 71,500 years ago following the explosion of Mount Toba that we devolved a capacity as innovative and spiritual beings with our mental capacity being essentially as it is now. I guess my question/observation is that in looking at this basic timeline of human evolution encompassing 2.5 million years with major milestones at 200,000 and 71,500 years ago, there been an exponentially puzzling increase in innovation and technology over the past hundred plus years? Although these past decades are a grain of sand in the shore that is human evolution, the technological advances we have made just seem to be too much for the timeframe they have occurred in. Hope this paragraph is somewhat coherent and any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob