I have been really trying to incorporate more organ meats into my diet. The taste is not the problem, I love eating them, I just can't seem to find any grass-fed organ meat. My local health-food store only carries more traditional cuts, save liver every now and then. However, last week I found beef heart at Giant Eagle (obviously traditional grain-fed) and decided to buy it. I cooked it in my crock pot and it was delicious but I noticed a lot of thick white fat surrounding the meat. Normally with grass-fed beef I would eat the fat and not think twice, but I'm wondering if because it is not grass-fed, I should be trimming the fat and throwing it away. I'm also wondering if the benefits of organ meat are worth going with grain-fed since its all that seems to be available (liver, kidneys, heart, and tripe all are readily available just not grass-fed). Any help would be appreciated!