Every now and then it just strikes me......usually while gathering the weeks eats at the grocery store.....how horribly misaligned the general public is with true healthy eating. (I was one of them just under a year ago.)

Yesterday, I'm checking out at the supermarket, loading up the conveyor with my whole chicken, block romano cheese, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, avacados, blueberries, mac nuts, full fat cream, uncured bacon etc and I notice the woman behind me begin to unload her cart.

...Weight Watchers deserts, "100 calorie packs" of cookies and crackers and boxes of cereal, bread, baked potato chips, cardboard boxed everything.....

It's sad, really. She was definitely in excess and not in shape, inside or out. Aware but unaware.

Shopping for food has become a surreal experience, like I'm floating in a sea of gluten zombies addicted to cheap easy eating.

A revalation every single time. I'm so thankful I was compelled to research the Primal Blueprint. A life changing event. I'm fit and free and unencumbered. Empowered.