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Thread: Grocery store revalation

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    'Fraid I'm just not interested in how other people fill their trolleys. I just put my tinned mackerel/herring, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, radishes and etc on the conveyor and think pleasant thoughts. I just wish I could get SWMBO to have liver more often.
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    It is interesting to me that there can be a full page discussion of supermarket espionage and judgment, and no one has mentioned food stamp mothers and their children, and how it is even more painful to watch people super-fatten themselves and their children with your own money. I hate[ the grocery store and always leave angry.
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    Yeah, my cart at the regular grocery store is usually just a weird combination of stuff to fill in what I couldn't get elsewhere.

    I'm increasingly bummed by the huge quantities of "not food" food in the grocery store though. It almost seems like a metaphor for hell to me now. People are buying huge quantities of "not food" and going home to starve, but don't even notice it because their bellies are full.
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    My thoughts on watching people in a grocery store are pretty much the same as when I watch people in the mall (I do enjoy people watching) and that is that they are all sheep following the consumer sheepherders into buy junk, eatable or not.

    Most people are driven to desire what they see on TV advertisements that essentially tell them "Buy me and you will be" (fill in the blank with rich, happy, healthy, sexy). Like the movie they Matrix, the consumers have become the batteries for the system that drives them to consume and over consume. If it doesn't have a commercial, it seems to be not-worthy of purchase.

    People stand in lines for hours to buy the latest ICrap 2.0 not because their phone that was fine the week before is broken but because of perceived obsolescence.

    What most people fill their carts with at the grocery store is processed crap that they see advertised on TV or the generic equivalent of the brand name because they cannot afford the other crap.

    The programming coming out of the TV tells them that it will make them healthy, it is endorsed by some CW health organization, part of the nutritious breakfast, etc, etc.

    People are filling their carts with processed shit because they seem to have lost the capability to think for themselves preferring the government, media, Big Pharma, Big Medical, etc. does their thinking for them.

    Pretty disgusting.
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    Thanx in advance.

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    inflamed faces, severe acne, rosacea, dry skin, "skinny-fat" limbs, 20-somethings wrapped up when it's only 8C outside, brittle nails, people who are always "hungry"...
    And Im so happy that this description is not of me any more. It was.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ayla2010 View Post
    My supermarket shopping generally involves only toilet paper, tuna and olive oil.
    People prob think I am starving my family LOL
    No, not starving, obviously you need the toilet paper for something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiercehunter View Post
    I've been grocery cart watching for 20 years. The public will never catch on; at this pt they are too misinformed to understand anything regarding nutrition.
    But we ourselves are the general public, are we not? and somehow we managed to catch on. So I have to have hope for my fellow shoppers, however ill informed they appear to be at present.

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    Quote Originally Posted by friesiangrl View Post
    Every now and then it just strikes me......usually while gathering the weeks eats at the grocery horribly misaligned the general public is with true healthy eating. (I was one of them just under a year ago.)

    Yesterday, I'm checking out at the supermarket, loading up the conveyor with my whole chicken, block romano cheese, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, avacados, blueberries, mac nuts, full fat cream, uncured bacon etc and I notice the woman behind me begin to unload her cart.

    ...Weight Watchers deserts, "100 calorie packs" of cookies and crackers and boxes of cereal, bread, baked potato chips, cardboard boxed everything.....

    It's sad, really. She was definitely in excess and not in shape, inside or out. Aware but unaware.

    Shopping for food has become a surreal experience, like I'm floating in a sea of gluten zombies addicted to cheap easy eating.

    A revalation every single time. I'm so thankful I was compelled to research the Primal Blueprint. A life changing event. I'm fit and free and unencumbered. Empowered.

    You just described my mothers eating; Freezer full of weight watchers this and that, low fat, low calorie... She's jumped around from weight watchers, to vegan, to weight watchers again, the diets just aren't sustainable for long periods of time. I want to tell her how it really is but I'm afraid she'll see it as a personal attack.

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    You just described my mothers eating; Freezer full of weight watchers this and that, low fat, low calorie... She's jumped around from weight watchers, to vegan, to weight watchers again, the diets just aren't sustainable for long periods of time. I want to tell her how it really is but I'm afraid she'll see it as a personal attack.
    Maybe you could suggest she try Weight Watchers and Primal at the same time? That's what my mom does and it works for her. My mom is very close to her goal weight, so she'd actually completely cut out wheat products before I went primal because they cost a lot of points.

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    The buying public is seriously influenced by the media without a doubt.

    It is so much easier and faster to grocery shop than it ever was before. I do need to bite my tongue, though, when the person in front of me is buying six cases of soda.
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