I started PB 1/26/13 5'4 at 233 lbs. my first week i lost 5.2 lbs , my 2nd 2.2lbs, so i now weigh 225lbs. but for the last 10 days ive shown no progress, the scale will yoyo .6 lbs in either direction. i know 10 days isnít much of a plateau but ive gotten a couple people to jump on the PB bandwagon and all seem to be losing more rapidly in the first month than i am. My husband (start weight 257) has lost 14.4 lbs in 2 weeks, a friend (start weight 210) has lost 13.8lbs also in 2 weeks. i did have a thyroidectomy nearly 2 months ago but i am on synthyroid 150mg daily. Coincidentally my mother (start weight 220) who introduced me to PB is also on synthyroid 150mg ( though she still has her thyroid its just hypo)and has lost 18lbs in her first month of PB. so while id like to blame my slower results on my lack of thyroid i just look at my mom who is 20 years older and on the same dose of meds and think thats not the case.

at 225lbs and only 24 days into my primal experience i dont think i should be plateauing?! i am going to get my labs done today to check how my thyroid levels are doing but i think they should be fine(heck they might even lower my dose and then Iíd be in real trouble!)

Iíve been eating about 1300-1600 cals a day (on average in the 1550's), fat: 100 gm, Protein: 79 gm, Carb: 50 gm. sometimes i go a little high on fat or protein but the carbs i sometimes struggle to hit 50gm. Iím 100% primal since day one, purging my house of anything with grains and sugars and vegetable oils, i even gave up my beloved coffee. i donít do grass fed beef but i try to buy organic when i can.

Exercise: walk for 45-60 mins 2 times a week. zumba for 30 mins 2-3 times a week.

So should i lower my calories? Are my macros wrong? Change my exercise? i know if i go by mark's suggested 1-2 lbs a week that i am right on track but for someone who started obese i think a bigger loss is usually normal the first month.