Hey guys

I've just bought a brand new hybrid bicycle for commuting to work. The distance is 5 miles, 1 of which is almost completely downhill (on the way to work), the rest is a mixture of up and downhill at a mild gradient and flat.

Question 1

My current daily routine is to only eat 2 meals - a lunch and an evening meal. In the afternoon I might snack on nuts/seeds and/or berries, but from my evening meal to lunch the next day I fast.

Will I be able to continue doing this when I start cycling? Or should I have something in the morning before I leave?

If I ever go to the gym in the morning before work I would have 1 hard boiled egg before the workout and 2 immediately after for protein/recovery. Should I do something similar to this?

Question 2

Can anyone who does cycle to work share their methods for getting their shirts/suits to and from work for the week? As I will be too sweaty to wear my work clothes during the cycle, and am worried everything will get creased in my already-full back pack.

Thanks for your advice!