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Thread: Primal - good for your teeth - yay or nay?

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    My dentist said my teeth were really healthy, as well as the amount of bone retention. I thought all of the bone broth I use in my cooking now may have helped. My kids had good reports from the dentist too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by For_Sparta View Post
    Does anyone else have concerns with Primal / healthy teeth? I guess one point I'm concerned about is that meat is quite acidic, so from a simpleton point of view increasing your consumption could cause acid erosion.... any thoughts / experiences out there?
    If you are worried about your teeth, try using a xylitol based toothpaste and gum. The stuff is primal and great for your teeth and bones. I had some sensitivities before I switched a couple years ago, since then my teeth and gums have never been better.

    Are Sugar Alcohols Healthy? | Mark's Daily Apple
    There appear to be some interesting health benefits to xylitol, too, beyond the well-established preventive actions against dental plaque and cavities. Xylitol shows promise as a bone remineralization agent, positively affecting both tooth enamel and bone mineral density (albeit, thus far, in rats). I count at least ten studies showing xylitol’s promise in the treatment or prevention of osteoporosis.

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    Fat soluble vitamins. And minerals. Make sure you get most votamins from animals: organs etc. Also do not eat too much raw vegies or other things with antinutrients, if you have a lack of vitamin sunlight, do not take vitamin d supplement, but fermented cod liver oil
    well then

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    Our dentists/hygenists were also super-psyched. I'd love to get two cleanings a year, but can't afford that yet. Eventually, I'd like to get to 4. But htat's just being fancy.

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    Weston A. Price was a dentist. He supported this way of eating wayyyy back when.

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