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Thread: Northern California Cowpool? (That is, go in on the cost of a cow..)

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    Northern California Cowpool? (That is, go in on the cost of a cow..)

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    Anyone down? I'm near Sac, location-wise. Not that that's all that important, I can drive

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    Mar 2010
    I'm in Elk Grove. I'd really be interested in cowpooling, but I'm not sure how much meat can fit into a normal sized freezer since I have to move to an apt.

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    Apr 2010
    San Francisco
    In SF, throwing my hat in the ring.

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    Feb 2010
    San Francisco, CA
    Also in SF, I could be interested depending on the amount since I do not have an extra freezer and live in an apartment. 10-20 pounds is doable. Typically I get ground grass fed beef, brisket, roasts, beef heart, sometimes veal liver & kidney all for $5-7/lb from Marin Sun Farms so also only if it turned out less than that. Maybe we can set up a group or just share emails for this?
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    Sure, just not sure how... if you make one, stick a link in here?

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    Mine is etomaria -@- gmail ... hopefully this doesn't result in spam :| You never know who's stalking the msgboards..
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    Feb 2010
    San Francisco, CA
    Just out of curiosity, would anyone else be interested in tracking down part of a buffalo instead?

    OK, do we have a coordinator? Etomaria, you are right, don't want to get hit by spam bots so here's mine: j pearl 12 at g mail dot com

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    Here are a few options...

    $7/lb if we get a half cow; Frosty Acres

    $6.80/lb if a half cow; Barbarosa Farms http://barbarosaranchers.files.wordp.../brcatalog.pdf

    $7.25/lb for a half for a half cow;

    $3.15/lb (!) for what looks like a half? Their explanation is slightly confusing... also, I'd (someone'd) have to contact them to make sure they have a cow available...

    There are others (, California section) but that's all I'ma get to tonite... Let me know if any one sounds particularly promising and how much you'd think you'd like? I've got a decent-sized deep freeze and could take probably quite a bit (and accordingly pay for a bit more, obviously) in the event people are worried that they wouldn't have enough room and so not be able to get in on this... I just can't store an entire half-cow... And I can't afford to buy all that in one shot like that either ;D Anyways, anyways. Putting this out there, let me know any ideas... Thanks!

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    I'd be down for a buffalo too (well, not "too" as in both, I can only handle so much )

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    I sent out an email inquiring as to buffalo prices on the *one* California (luckily, close) buffalo ranch on Have not yet looked into non-local options.

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