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Thread: Partial pullups while recovering?

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    Partial pullups while recovering?

    About 3 weeks ago I strained a tendon where the bicep comes into the elbow. It was fairly painful doing day to day stuff and I even avoided carrying general objects in that arm.

    It's recovered well since then, I can swing a racquet, carry stuff, do pushups and such with no pain.
    I tested it with three pullups this morning. At the top, as my chin got over the bar it feels like the tendon just moves or twitches a little bit. It's not painful, but it still makes me think I should avoid bicep heavy, pulling movements for a while longer.

    So my question: is it worth doing partial pullups, with about a range of motion (avoiding the twitch point) while it fully recovers? Or just lay off completely?

    I don't want to get weaker.

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    Bah. Recovery is at least as important as workouts, even without an injury. With an injury, recovery is far more important. Take the time off, or do a different exercise (aussie pullups? TRX work?) that doesn't have you quite so tempted to hurt yourself.

    Strength is expensive for the body to build, and takes a while to fade. You'll probably lose a bit of endurance, but that's easy to build back up.

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