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Thread: What to do with a jar of bacon drippings?

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    I use lard and tallow to sauté food. I also use butter, ghee and coconut oil of course, depending on the recipe (thai curry doesn't work with lard :P ). You can do pretty much the same with your drippings, just make sure that the taste matches the recipe: it is way stronger than plain lard.

    However... I find it hard to believe that you keep it in a jar, me too I cook bacon and soon after eggs in the same pan, but in the end I pour the liquid fat onto the eggs!

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    HERE is how to make super easy mayo with any liquid fat:

    Homemade Mayonnaise in 2 Minutes or Less - YouTube

    done this myself, hand held ftw, super simple and fast, pretty much can't fail and is easier to clean up than a blender. bacon fat is epic; beef fat is super rich !

    and more here: Homemade Paleo Mayo Cooking Demo - Everyday Paleo

    PS the mustard is optional, and imo the water is too, you can just add the whole egg and the water in the egg white acts the same way, it just might make it a bit foamy at first. The lemon juice may be substituted with any type of vinegar as well. The two non-optional ingredients are the egg and the oil, everything else is flavor. The lecithin in the egg stabilizes the emulsion of the fat in the water of the egg.

    what to do with the mayo - put it on cabbage for coleslaw; on red potatoes for a salad, add in blue cheese for salad/meat dressing ( which is something I need to start doing because I loooove blue cheese dressing on buffalo-sauced meat but the conventional off the shelf kind is chock-full of not good for you stuff and the Marie's refrigerated kind is too expensive for the large daily quantity I consume... ).

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    When my boyfriend feels like having bacon as a snack, I have him put a cover on the pan afterwards, and it gets used in the next meal. Tonight I steamed broccoli and tossed it in the hot bacon frying pan. Miraculously, all the baconfat disappeared from the pan.

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