Hi all,

I've been through 100's of pages of threads, and it's somewhat hard to get a general consensus on the question I'm trying to answer.

So here's the facts:
  • I cannot source raw, organic milk in Ohio without cowsharing.
  • We have a local organic dairy that uses low heat pastuerization, grass-fed cows, and is fully organic (Hartzler Dairy in Ohio...the only one I know of in the state)
  • The milk is not homogenized...it even has the cream plug on top when you open it, and must be shaken.
  • It's whole milk.
  • It comes in glass bottles, so no BPA concerns (you have to pay a deposit on them, otherwise, it's $3.50/ half gallon)
  • I am addicted to milk. I grew up having it almost every day.
  • I'm lifting heavy things 3x/ week, walking every day at lunch, and sprinting once in a while.
  • I am otherwise eating primally, save for CAFO supermarket beef once in awhile when my grass fed runs out. No sugars, grains, legumes, etc.

So, the question is, given that the type of milk I am drinking is probably as close to raw milk as I can legally get in Ohio without owning a cow, is drinking a quart of this milk per day too much?