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    I have rarely drunk milk in my life except as an accompaniment to cake or cookies in my childhood. I am lactose intolerant and casein intolerant to some dairy products, depending on the processing. I haven't bought milk in years, and routinely substitute water when it is in a recipe. Adults weren't intended to drink massive quantities of milk. But if it suits you, go for it.

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    If your nickname means what I think it does (prior enlisted Marine, now an officer) and you are PT-ing like the Marines I know, milk consumption at that level is probably not an issue. If you were developing kidney stones or other health related issues, then that would certainly change the picture a bit.

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    There should have been an "It Depends" option on the poll.

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    Yep, it depends, if you are 17 years old skinny and are doing Rippetoes "Starting Strength", then you can probably get away by drinking the gallon of milk per day that he recommends, but not necessary so if you are trying to loose weight, so of course it depends on the individual and the context of his goals...

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    If you feel well with it, it's a great choice!
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    If you're not lactos intolerant, and it fits into your daily macros, it's fine.

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    Echoing the above. It's fine if you can tolerate dairy.

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    I have actually started drinking milk while primal. Previously I would do skim milk because of lipophobia, and since that tastes horrible I just wouldn't drink. Discovering organic un-homogenized whole milk made me love milk.
    I do heavy lifting, and one liter of whole milk gives me 600kcal for cheaper than most other sources.

    So I'd say if it works for you, do it. If you experience any ills, try to cut it out and see if it helps.

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    If it fits into your lifestyle and health goals, go for it. Wouldn't work for me, though. Milk is for fattening up babies of all species and I've got no room for it in my daily diet.
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    I voted yes, cause I think there is more to milk than just lactose intolerance.
    Just raised the A2 Milk thread back from the dead,
    Before drinking that glass, raw or not, look at A1 beta Caesin and beta casomorphin 7 (BCM7), it get's in your brain onto the orphoid receptors, you get a bit high, but is looking to be linked to a multitude of chronic diseases from heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune to SIDS, effects may take a long time but are chronic, this story is not finished yet.
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