I got my first gym groupie today. She kept appearing where I was working out (after smiling from neighboring ellipticals), stretching and practicing some kind of sexy dance routine. Said she "saw me killing it." She's maybe 19 and super hot- her skin is so flawless looking and radiant.

So I'm only now, almost a year in, starting to look like a man with muscles and such instead of a flabby amorphous mass, so females pursuing me and paying attention to me is terra nova*- I fought very hard to not look at her dancing and to be polite and friendly but not flirtatious.

How do you married people do this?

*at least without first hearing me speak. I am very witty and humorous and cultured, so it is not weird for a girl to ride my nuts once she's heard me in conversation. Purely because I look hot though, totally new to me.