Can being primal/paleo turn you from the kind of person who eats to assuage bad feelings into the kind of person who loses their appetite when sad?

I've always been the first kind. But this weekend I suffered a pretty bad emotional upset, to which I responded by ... not eating. Even when I was lying in bed last night, having eaten only three eggs and a handful of almonds that day, listening to my stomach growl, I couldn't muster the wherewithal to get up, walk into the kitchen, and slice off a piece of the raw cheddar I've got the fridge. I considered it. I tried to make myself do it. I decided that lying there feeling sorry for myself was the preferable option.

I'm not complaining. Feeling like I do right now is awful, but feeling awful and not gaining weight is better than the alternative. But this is breaking a pattern of nearly 38 years. Has anyone experienced this?