I've been doing the Primal Blueprint for about 1.5 months now (with varying degrees of sticking to it!). I'm trying to work on cutting out the grains as I keep sneaking the odd thing either because of cravings or convenience!

I decided to track what I'm eating today and using MyFitnessPal, I've mapped out what I'm having today. I'm doing what I would consider to be a very good day (keeping out grains and keeping sugar consumption low). But I'm not sure I'm getting the balance right.

Looking at what I've tracked, by the end of today, I'll have had 1796 calories, 99g fat, 97g carbs, 123g protein (if the metrics on MFP are totally reliable!). I know that there are a couple of items on my list that are quite high carbs (14g and 20g respectively) so I can work on getting a better substitute for those, but even so, I am a bit concerned that the calorie count doesn't seem to be that high - I recently had my calorie goal for the day worked out by a trainer, based on my BMR, activity levels, current weight etc, which should be around 2100 calories to avoid starvation mode.

do I need to worry much about calories on PB? I want to lose weight, it's not coming off very easily (partly due to lapses, but even when I have good spells), so I'm worried that I'm eating too many carbs but not enough calories if that makes sense? Or am I just thinking about this too much?!

Any advice gratefully received!