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Thread: Having trouble getting the balance right

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    Get the grains cut out. Every time you eat a piece of bread or what not, your body is probably bloating. I ate grains over the holidays and on vacation.... packed on 8 lbs and it takes about a week to lose it. Alcohol also bloats me unless it is vodka/soda.

    Sooo.... you may be masking some fat loss with water retention from "occasional" treats.

    And fruit is allowed... I don't know why people think fruit is not allowed? Have fruit instead of a cookie if you want a sweet. I know it messes with some people, and if you really don't like it, don't bother. But if you say "hey, I want something sweet, a banana" you aren't cheating.

    That said, if you are avoiding fruit, how are you coming in at almost 100 grams of carbs? It's really hard to hit that number without fruit or things like sweet potatoes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chestnutbrown View Post
    I've been doing the Primal Blueprint for about 1.5 months now (with varying degrees of sticking to it!). I'm trying to work on cutting out the grains as I keep sneaking the odd thing either because of cravings or convenience!
    Along with your weight of 260lb I think you said, and young kids, and I assume your weight issue isn't recent, all that suggests that you've got a major uphill battle, can be done but you need to pace yourself, I always say it's a marathon not a sprint.

    Forget all the stories of amazing weight loss for every one of those their is 99 whom didn't have the amazing transformation in 6 weeks, that is the first trap that people fall into, you are trying to lose weight, but your primary driver must be that you believe this is a healthier way of eating, that is the key to making it permanent and sticking to it.

    Your body has many transitions to go through, some people appear to switch over very quickly, but IMO it will be a full 12 months by the time all the nuances of your body have adjusted, so just slow and steady, as said grains are the first one, then consider reducing Milk consumption, keep the yoghurt, cheese & butter in, start to build up your fat consumption and increase variety of fruit & veg, keep nuts & seeds on hand for snacking and don't be to strict at the start, but over time this needs to be brought into line.

    All the while continue to slowly ramp up your exercise program, a daily morning walk or indoor routine just to get the metabolism up is good and then a one or two more intensive sessions per week.

    Be patient and give it time, there is very few quick fixes that last.

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