Hey guys and girls.

I have recently (around Christmas) injured my Coracoid process/Brachial process. For those that dont know this is part of the shoulder that attaches to essentially everything in that area (pec,lat, trap etc) with the Brachial process actually running right down the arm to the thumb (which is why I had some tightness in my forearm).

It has been healing nicely but has still left me unable to do pushups with elbows flared out. Also pullups with elbows flared out are a no no as I feel both this plains of movement in my lat, even though that is not where the tightness originates from.

Ironically doing the harder Diamond pushup bings no discomfort and as you would expect a great workout.

I am thinking of going back to PBF and doing incline diamond, flat diamond, decline diamonds etc (after that doing diamonds on medicine ball, then swiss ball etc). Also doing chins with hands close together, then overhand grip, then towel chins etc.

Does anyone else use diamond pushups. Lower until chest is on hands and back up, great for core as well.