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Thread: Kerrygold is BACK!! And other deals at Costco this week. :)

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    Kerrygold is BACK!! And other deals at Costco this week. :)

    For all you Costco members, Kerrygold is BACK! They had it last year and I was so sad when it disappeared. I asked and they said that they only carry it around St. Patrick's day because it's Irish. Weird. Anyway, it's only there for a limited time so stock up now! This year it's a box of three 0.5-lb sticks ($6.79 for 1.5 lbs) rather than the tub they carried last year.

    Other recent additions you might find of interest: extra virgin unrefined coconut oil ($15.99 for 54 oz), grain-free dog food ($30 for 35 lbs), dried seaweed snacks ($7.59 for 10-pk), canned Wild Planet tuna ($14.99 for 6 cans, sustainably harvested, 5x the amount of omega 3 regular canned tuna has in it), organic carrots ($6.49 for 10 lbs). And of course some of my regular favorites: wild frozen salmon ($26.89 for 2.5 lbs), wild steelhead trout ($20.79 for 3 lbs, omg SO good) and almond butter ($6.99 for 26 oz).
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